Keystone Chiropractic: What’s in a Name?

Keystone Chiropractic isn’t a name we simply stumbled upon. So, what’s in a name?

A stone archway is one of the strongest and most stable structures in architecture. Each stone supports the load, while evenly transferring it to the foundation. The MOST important block is the Keystone, the block in the center, without which the entire structure would fail.

If optimal health were an arch, it would include blocks such as diet, exercise, rest, and caring for your mental health. The Keystone holding everything together is an optimally functioning nerve system, free from obstruction.

While eating well and exercising are certainly necessary, normal spinal structure and a properly functioning nerve system are the Keystone. These keep everything locked in place. Our focus at Keystone Chiropractic is on restoring YOUR body’s Keystone to help you function and perform at your best.