Top Exercises Everyone Should Consider

At Keystone Chiropractic, we strive to help you achieve the best results possible. Part of that includes providing exercises which aid in, or complement, the corrective process.

Below are the Top 4 exercises that nearly everyone should consider doing.

Planks/Dead Bugs

In general, we can all use a bit of work with our core strength. Often, especially if you’re seated most of the day, abdominal and postural muscles aren’t activated. A weakened core can lead to decreased efficiency while working out and back discomfort. It also leads to instability in the lower spine and pelvis. While planks and dead bugs may not give you six-pack abs, they will reinforce this area of the body.

Core strength is vital to protecting the correction of the lower spine and pelvis. Planks and dead bugs are designed to work on the abdominal muscles in the front and postural muscles of your low back. This develops a “belt” of muscle around your mid-section to help stabilize the foundation of your spine.

Psoas (Hip Flexor) Stretch

A chronically shortened or flexed psoas is another consequence of being seated most of the day. This is a large muscle running from the bottom of your mid back to your pelvis and is responsible for bringing your knee toward your chest.

Because of its direct attachment to the spine, a shortened hip flexor can have detrimental effects to the structure of the spine. It can also cause a variety of discomforts, including low or mid back soreness, hip pain, and may even result in some knee pain. Performing this stretch can help combat the effects of being seated and static most of the day.

Chin Tucks (Anterior Head Exercise)

Everyday activities are predominately causing us to lean forward and look downward. Whether that comes from using a computer, staring at our cell phones, or working with a client, we spend a lot of time in that position. Gradually, this leads to imbalanced muscles on the front and back of the neck, a loss of the normal neck curve, and structural abnormalities of the upper spine.

This exercise strengthens the anterior and posterior (front and back) neck muscles. Over time, chin tucks support the correction of structural shifts in the upper spine and the stability of a Normal c-shaped cervical curve.

Pectoral Stretch

You are looking forward and down most of the day. Often, this causes a rounding of the shoulders, and ultimately chronically shortened pectoralis, or chest, muscles.

Tight pecs tend to exacerbate the anterior (forward) shift of the head and straightening of the neck. As a result, it’s important to gently stretch these muscles, opening up the chest, and reducing the forward pull of the pecs.

**It’s important to note that these exercise are complementary to Corrective Chiropractic Care. These alone will not resolve any underlying structural issues.

If any of these exercises exacerbate your current condition, please do not perform and ask your Structural Chiropractor for modifications.

If you have questions about performance, we are happy to provide you instruction on these, as well as other exercises. They are part of our complementary recommendations during your corrective care at Keystone Chiropractic**

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