As part of a complete program of care, there are certain recommendations, including footwear, that we make to help you achieve the best results in the shortest amount of time. 

Footwear can be an important and overlooked solution to improving your spinal alignment and avoiding repetitive stress on your structure.  Here are some things to keep in mind:

Avoid High Heels & Flip Flops

Not only do high heels create foot, toe and heel pain, they are also dangerous for your structure. When you wear them, your toes are pointed down and there is more pressure on the ball of the foot; you are also altering your gait because the calf muscle is shortened while you’re in high heels. High heels also overarch the back and position you forward, which can cause low back pain as well as neck and shoulder pain. Choose shoes with a heel of two inches or less and save the extreme high heels for rare occasions.

Flip flops (especially the dirt cheap kind) have ZERO support for your foot. They may be fine to wear on a sandy beach, but they are NOT for regular summer wear or walking around the State Fair! The flatness and lack of support in these shoes can cause arch, heel, ankle, and knee pain. Flip flops also cause you to put more pressure on the outside edges of the foot rather than the heel.

Pay Attention to Styles

Some shoe styles do not provide adequate support and can increase pain or create other problems. Try to avoid shoes with very thin straps that let the ankles wobble and do not give enough support. Thin straps can also dig into your skin and create pain or sores. The same with ballet flats, they usually have very thin, flimsy soles that provide the same issues as flip flops.

Do not buy beautiful shoes that do not fit your feet. Although fashion is important, it is not worth the pain of swollen feet and possible nerve damage.

Get Arch Support

It is vital that you have proper arch support no matter the style of shoe or boot and this is one area where you may need to spend a little more money for a better-quality product.However, you can purchase inserts and other products to help the arches. For some, custom-made orthotics may be appropriate – especially if you’re spending large amounts of time on your feet. 

Active? Get Fitted.

If you are active, a professional can help you find the right training shoes that provide the best support for YOUR foot. Do NOT go by color and look. For more on how to choose the right running (or walking) shoe, read our full post here AND go visit our partners Heartland Soles & Fleet Feet Des Moines.

Remember to Rest

It is important to give the feet a chance to rest so remember to take breaks and slow down. If it is possible, take off your shoes at work to stretch. Avoid wearing tight or uncomfortable shoes that squish your toes during the day. Consider soaking the feet in a warm bath or getting a massage. Remember to wiggle your toes and give the feet a chance to move without the constriction of shoes or socks.

Keep in mind the above our general recommendations to keep in mind. We can provide more personalized suggestions for you as part of your customized plan of care at Keystone Chiropractic.