We get asked a variety of questions by our patients. Many of them are unique to an individual’s concerns or circumstances; whether they have low back pain, migraines, or are a pregnant person. However, one thing everyone wants to know is, “how can I get better, faster?”

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Care Tailored to You

One of the most common things we hear from patients is that we treat them as people, not just another number. We don’t recommend a year of care, adjusting the same area every visit, expecting that eventually you’ll experience improvement.

We also don’t “rack and crack,” and send you on your way until you’re experiencing symptoms again. Neither of these approaches with actually help you get better at all.

Your situation is unique, your goals are unique, and addressing them means care specifically for you. We work with you and help guide you toward resolving your concerns and achieving your goals. At Keystone Chiropractic, we take time to develop an individualized plan based upon a comprehensive examination. During each visit we address and correct structural issues with your spine (whether you’re in pain or not), and help you manage those things outside of our walls which may be leading to your problem.

Personalized Recommendations

Are you seated in front of a computer all day? Is your work-from-home set up vastly different from how things are at the office? Do you have to consistently lift heavy items every day?

We understand that most physical and emotional stressors in your life aren’t going to magically disappear as you begin care. However, we can work with you to make modifications to your specific workspace, provide exercises to combat the negative effects of computer work, and give you tips for lifting loads more ergonomically. As you’re guided through care, we may also discuss pillows, supplements, and other recommendations to meet your needs.

Doing Your Part

With all of this in mind, a relationship with Keystone Chiropractic is a partnership. Just as a cookie cutter, year-of-care plan likely won’t help you reach your goals, skipping visits or ignoring recommendations will also not help you, “get better, faster.” Your improvement is reliant on you receiving care in the office AND following your tailored recommendations.

Additional Help

Sometimes, “getting better, faster,” may mean you need help beyond the care and advice we can provide in our office. Over the last several years, we’ve worked to develop relationships with other businesses and healthcare offices. If you need help with a new running shoe, we have partners to help you. Do you need a new gym or fitness class, we can point you in the right direction. Maybe you need care beyond our expertise. We collaborate with a number of PTs, massage therapists, and other providers to get you the care you need. And, we’re not afraid to refer you to them if Keystone Chiropractic isn’t the right place for you.

Taking the Next Step

It can be frustrating when you aren’t getting better; when you aren’t recovering from an injury or not able to live the lifestyle you want. Your journey to getting better starts with taking the next step. In our office that begins with a complimentary consultation. This is a conversation, NOT a commitment.

After taking the time to get to know each other, we can begin helping you receive the care and tools you need. If you’ve been looking for someone to work with you and not just work on you, schedule with Keystone Chiropractic today.

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