Onsite Community Education Services

With our Community Education Services program, we are dedicated to providing knowledge and being a trusted resource in our community. It is our goal to help people understand why their problem(s) occur and how to prevent future issues, even if they never seek care in our office.

Let us bring the education to you. We have prepared 30-45 minute, engaging workshops that give people valuable tools to improve their health and productivity. These presentations can be catered to specific audiences and can be used for retreats, conferences, breakfast/lunch and learns, and to help encourage healthy behavior.

“We do these types of lunch and learns on a quarterly basis. I can’t recall the last time people left one talking as much about the materials and especially the presenter, as yours.”

– Carson F.


  • 10 Superfoods for Optimal Health
  • Health Made Simple (EAT, MOVE, RECHARGE, BRAIN/BODY)
  • Building a Bullet Proof Immune System
  • Optimal Structure for Optimal Performance
  • Ergonomic Evaluation and Training
  • Multi-Axial Structural Analysis
These workshops are NOT a sales presentation for a product of multi-level system.
They are NOT a solicitation for chiropractic services.

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