We are asked a variety of questions by patients, family, and friends.  Common ones include, “What treatment works?  Does acupuncture work?  How about massage therapy?  What about physical therapy?  Would conventional chiropractic help?  Maybe surgery is the best thing?”  Of course, the number one inquiry of Keystone Chiropractic is if NeuroStructural Chiropractic works.

Choose the Provider NOT the Treatment

Not all forms of treatment or care will work for everyone 100% of the time.  Whether you favor one therapy or another, a more important consideration is the quality of the practitioner.  The intelligence and ethical responsibility of the healthcare professionals is paramount in delivering quality care.  Are they honest?  Do they care about your needs?  How are they at honing their skills?

Through our experiences not only as patients, but also as professionals, we’ve encountered brilliant medical doctors, highly skilled nurses, and exceptional physical therapists.  Some do great work, while others just seemed like they didn’t care, and it reflected in the work that they did.  There are good and bad apples in every profession, including chiropractic.

quality-500963_1920The quality of the healthcare provider is not the only thing that matters – it’s just the MOST important!  Unfortunately, finding the right fit of someone that delivers their best, with a good heart and brain, can be a challenging task.  As a prospective patient looking for help, word-of-mouth or a referral from another credible provider, family member, or friend could be a starting point.

If you are still getting caught up in deciding whether one treatment or type of care would suit you better than another, you should probably stop there.  Instead seek out a quality provider, because that person will direct you down the road you need to be on (even if it’s not with them).  That’s one of the huge differences between mediocre and great doctors.

What to look for…

As uncomfortable as it is, YOU need to empower yourself to inform the healthcare provider that you are just “checking them out.”  Many offices offer a complimentary consultation for this purpose.  Similar to buying a home or a car, it’s important to do your due diligence when selecting a healthcare professional.  Here is what we recommend you “check out.”

  1. Are they willing to LISTEN to you and your health concerns?
  2. Are they UPFRONT about what they do?
  3. Are they TRANSPARENT about cost, length of treatment, and requirements – all before an examination occurs?
  4. Do the TELL you as a perspective patient that you might not be a candidate for their care (and assure you that you’ll be directed to the right provider)?
  5. Do they provide you with OPTIONS that are outside of they care they offer?
  6. Will they be there as a health RESOURCE even if you don’t become their patient?

As healthcare providers, we urge you to find professionals that are compassionate, knowledgeable, and honest.  It might not be easy, but it certainly is worth it to have a team of quality practitioners on your side.

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