If you suffer from migraines, likely you’ve tried just about everything to ease the pain. Maybe that’s medication or an injection? Massage or rest?

Have you tried Structural Chiropractic for your migraines?

It’s because of the benefits of structural chiropractic that Keystone Chiropractic exists! When Dr. Megan was younger, she endured terrible migraines. Smells made her nauseous (and sometimes physically sick). Sounds and bright lights only made her head pound worse. Often the only solution seemed to be secluding herself in a dark room and trying to “sleep it off.”

Does this sound familiar to you?

Like with Dr. Megan, migraines can be triggered by a variety of things. Certain smells, loud noises, and bright lights are more common. For some though, it can be related to hormonal changes (such as during a menstrual cycle), increased emotional stress, and physical activity.  However, while these may all set off a migraine, rarely are they the actual cause.

Migraines, generally, are caused by an inability of the blood vessels surrounding the head to constrict (or narrow) . While there may be myriad reasons for this happening, one common culprit is a lack of neurological control. Your nervous system controls and coordinates every function in your body, including the dilation (opening) and constriction (narrowing) of blood vessels throughout the body. The blood vessels which surround the head are directly controlled by nerves branching out near the base of the skull, at the top of your neck, right below your ears. If these nerves are unable to communicate properly with these blood vessels, then they can become “stuck” open. This increase in blood flow around the head can begin to cause the debilitating pain we call a migraine.

What interrupts this communication?

Most often, nerve communication is obstructed when the spine shifts away from where it’s supposed to be. This is where a structural chiropractor can help you. Through specific adjustments, we work with you to gradually guide those misaligned areas of the spine back toward their normal position. As this happens, your nerves can start to communicate better with your body, and if your body is being told what to do, then it’s going to function better. In the case of migraines, as structural shifts in the upper area of the neck are guided closer to normal and proper communication is restored, it will allow the blood vessels surrounding the head to widen and narrow the way they’re supposed to. Over time, this will likely lead to a reduction or resolution of your migraines.

It can be important during this process to attempt to avoid, or at least lessen your exposure to some of your migraine triggers. But, as things move along, you should be able to reintroduce those things back into your life. Get a hold of us today if you’re ready to find a lasting solution to your migraines!